SHARNID UZUMAKI was an ANBU level shinobi of Konohagakure, Stepbrother of LAYFON UZUMAKI, A member of the Uzumaki clan.

& Also DANIEL's original guardian

BACKGROUND                                               Edit

Sharnid Uzumaki was bron into the Uzumaki clan, a well respected also feared, When he was 5 his father died ,on a mission. leaving his mother single. When his mother found love with Layfon's father( Also single), She married him thus making him Layfon's step brother. He Graduated at 6 with his brother , & Renaia and Gerald, with flying colors. Chunin at 11. Jounin at 13, at the same age , making on the ANBU as one of the captains. He found and adopted Daniel, when he was 16.


He like Layfon, is almost the same as the pic put here. His hair is shoulder lenght ( Like Loki) , bangs hanging at the side of his face perfectly framing it. a white vest with a raised collar, with mesh armor underneath, black pants,armwarmers, that beneath there are markings. a coat like Jiraiya's. ANBU shinobi sandals, kunai holder rested on his left leg. he used his forehead protector as a necklace,or normal.