Renaia Alfina Sage and Gerald James Tomlinson (Renaia Yamanaka and Gerald Hyuga in [New Enemy]) are characters created by Angela Fyre/ AngelofFluffiness/ AngeloftheLaughing Heart. Not originally designed for Naruto work, they are original characters by her. Do NOT steal them and NEVER use them without permission.

Original ConceptEdit

Renaia and Gerald are originally designed with Renaia being a Breaking Mage (a mage that lacks the skill to limit their own magic input) and Gerald being the only Human Limiter in the world as well as the only limiter (a device to take the place of that lacked skill. Generally manmade, not usually
  • Gerald and Renaia
  • Gerald sleeping next to Renaia on her shoulder
  • Gerald holding Renaia
human.) Gerald was severely abused by his mother and another Breaking Mage until Renaia saved him, helping him to open up; the two soon falling in love. This is still their main concept, no matter what, they were only leant for this story :)

Appearance and AgeEdit

Renaia and Gerald are both seventeen years of age. Renaia has snow white skin, while Gerald has tan. Both stand tall, Gerald only a couple inches above her height. She has very long and wavy maroon hair, he has short and neat hair. Both are very soft, the hair is well taken care of. His eyes are ocean blue and her's are bright pink. She ALWAYS wears dresses and skirts, NO exceptions PERIOD. Gerald is usually found in pants and shirt, but can be in more formal clothes too.


For their use in A New Enemy, their creator made them some Jutsus.

Gerald: Wind Element

Wind Blade no Jutsu (Offensive)

Gerald clasps his hands together and focuses, the winds should swirl around him. Once a small tornado form is around him, he separates his hands and claps loudly before spreading his arms into his wingspan, which should make the wind form into 'blades' and scatter at the enemies.

Mirror no Jutsu (Offensive)

Must be executed with PERFECT timing. Gerald rests both hands on his chest and closes his eyes; rotating into a full circle. He must do this right as an attack is sent at him, but if performed properly the attack will reflect and strike the one who used it.

Renaia: Water Element

Healing Ribbon no Jutsu (Healing)

Renaia clasps her hands and rests them on her chest, bowing her head and praying softly; a barrier should come around her at this time. After her prayer, she lifts her head and her eyes should be slightly glowing, she leaves one hand on her heart and draws the Aquarius zodiac sign in thin air. Her water barrier from earlier should dissolve into ribbons that wrap around allies and heal them.

Aqua Fury no Jutsu (Offensive)

Drawing a heart and the Aquarius sign in the ground or air, Renaia's right eye should turn silver and her left should turn blue. A blue glow rises through her as she again speaks a prayer, her head raised and her arms in their wingspan. After her prayer, she twirls, the glow flying off her in a pouring wave of water that should attack her enemies.

Team Jutsus: Wind and Water Element

Flower-Heart no Jutsu (Healing)

Renaia and Gerald recite a poem together while each draw the Aquarius symbol, a heart, and flower each. They ALSO draw a large circle, but they work together on that. The poem goes like this, they each speak one line until they unison the final;

Gerald: In this circle…

Renaia: Our hearts intertwine…

Gerald: Where the reaches of the sky become reality…

Renaia: This is where our hearts become forever…

Gerald: Where we come together…

Renaia: To vanquish the evil perils in this world…

Gerald: In this circle…

Renaia: In this heart…

Unison: Our bond cannot break!

After the poem, they HAVE to be done drawing. The drawings should glow blue and green before a glow rises through them and their allies, healing fully.

Override no Jutsu (Offensive)

Renaia and Gerald start back to back but slowly walk forward away from each other, hands over their own chests. Slowly, a greenish blue glow should rise in Gerald and an ocean blue glow in Renaia. They should be on either side of an enemy or a group of enemies. Once far enough apart, which is a distance based on the amount of enemies, they should run as fast as possible in a circle around that enemy; not behind each other but rather in opposite directions so their paths cross. A blue and green barrier should form as they run and when they finish, they exit the circle; the barrier shatters and severely damages the enemy or enemies.

Summoning Jutsus: Both Renaia and Gerald can perform each one

Fuchsia Flyer: In a puff of bright white smoke, a large fuchsia bird similar to a phoenix glides onto the field

Mauve Cry: A howl shatters the air as a shadowy, mauve colored wolf shaped figure expels itself from nowhere

Backgrounds In A New Enemy (NOT as created by me)Edit

The background created by STAILS for this story is the following;

Renaia Yamanaka is a former ANBU level Kunoichi of Konohagakure, a member of the Yamanaka Clan. She is also Gerald Hyuga's Bonded pair. Originally named Renaia Alfina Sage, is a character created by Angela Fyre , AngelOfFluffiness. Renaia was born into the Yamanaka Clan, she was well respected among her clansmen, she graduated at the academy at the age of 6 , along with Gerald, & Layfon. she was one of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, but her two teammates died in front of her.

Gerald Hyuga , is a former ANBU - Level Shinobi , of Konohagakure. and also a member of the Hyuga Clan. Also Renaia Yamanaka's Bonded pair. Originally named Gerald James Tomlinson , is another character created by Angela Frye, AngelOfFluffiness. Gerald was born into the Hyuga clan, he too was well respected, but was abused by his mother, a Hyuga elder, for not being as good as the rest. On the 3rd birthday of the heir , he recieved his crused seal thus begin bonded to the heir. However, Gerald and Renaia's friend, Layfon (OC owned by STAILS), severed the bind to the heir and bound Gerald to Renaia instead.

Other Information, Their Personalities and Their History: Angela's VersionEdit

Renaia is a very optimistic and kindred young lady. She is very elegant and calm, but gets very angry and protective when her friends are endangered. She is extremely protective of Gerald, as he is of her. Gerald is a little more shy and is generally only able to communicate with Renaia EASILY, but he can manage conversation with others. When Renaia rescued him, it took him some time to get used to Renaia's kindness, since he was only used to abuse and hatred. He can also be a bit pessimistic. Renaia also has a SEVERE weakness to fire, as it can make her pass out, dehydrates her, and easily takes her life. She becomes disoriented and sickly, so Gerald has to make sure he takes care of her when it occurs. It's best treated by cold water and usually him staying close to calm her. Once her temperature drops, Renaia is perfectly fine and ready to go again.


"My prayer, my wish for you, is that every bit of your heart finds something good in this life. This life we live, it isn't alwats bright and it isn't always right, but I'm here when it becomes a fight." ~Renaia Sage, Breaking Free (talk) 02:23, October 26, 2012 (UTC)

Created by Angela Fyre