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NARUTO UZUMAKI was a shinobi of Konohagakure , & a former teammate of Team 7.

He abonded Konoha for reasons unknown to the others.


When Naruto brought SASUKE UCHIHA back to Konoha, everyone congratulated him, but he didn't feel, like they did.SAKURA HARUNO, another team 7 teammate, show her love for the raven again, he was on a relationship with YAMATO, before he left. He did a promise to him, if he dies he will be the stepfather of his kids. Naruto's pain from his childhood resurfaced, but the blond conclead it good, he was alone everyday, he couldn't stand the pain. he went to the train grounds, Sasuke was waiting. he wanted remacth , Sakura begin her old self, chreed the raven on, Naruto did the moves of his so called " Friends", as well, the move of his father, Minato Namikaze,, when he left, Team 8 went to find, and they did. Now he dedcided to leave no matter what.


Naruto is the sptting image of Minato namikaze, his only is recongized by his wisker marks, and blue eyes. he wears, the same shirt as his father, with mesh armor under neath. with also two bands on each of his sleeves , he wear a metal plate on each of his sleeve wrists( Kind of Kakashi's outfit when he was young), Black pants, kunai holderresting on his left leg, ANBU shinobi sandals, now his hair his like his father , consedered of two Jaw - legnth bangs framing each side of his face, wearing his black forehead protector , which have an horizintal line across the leaf symbol.