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LAYFON UZUMAKI is a former ANBU level shinobi of Konohagakure. a member from the Uzumaki clan. that bears both the Sharingan & Rinnegan.

Also a teammate to Renaia and Gerald.


Layfon Uzumaki,was born into the uzumaki clan, a well,respected clan also feared. when he was Three years old, Layfon's father married Sharnid's Mother thus having SHARNID UZUMAKI has a step brother.he lost his parents at 5, graduated from the academy at 6,along with Sharnid, Renaia and Gerald.with flying colors.


The appearnce is almost the same as the pic put here, his outfit consired of a Muscle shirt( the same as Yami's shirt, on Yu Gi Oh ,) , Bindings on his forearms, with mesh armour underneath. With black pants , Kunai Holder resting on his left leg. with ANBU Shinobi sandals, when he was still a Konoha shinobi , he was wearing the forehead protector as a necklace.