GERALD HYUGA , is a former ANBU - Level Shinobi , of Konohagakure. and also a member of the Hyuga Clan.

Also Renaia yamanaka's Bonded pair.

Gerald Hyuga, originally named Gerald James Tomlinson , is another character created by Angela Frye, AngelOfFluffiness.


Gerald was born into the Hyuga clan, he too was well respected, but was abused by his mother, a Hyuga elder, for not begin good, as the rest. on the 3rd birthday of the heir , he recieved his crused seal thus begin bonded to the heir.


Gerald is the same, in the fic, he wears a khaki colored vest with a raised collar( Almost like the uchihas), with mesh armor underneath. armwarmers with amor underneath as well. black pants, kunai holder resting on her left leg, ANBU Shinobi sandals, when he was still a konoha Shinobi, he weared the forehead protector to covered the hyuga's cursed seal.