Is The prolouge of the fic A NEW ENEMY FanFicion written By: STAILS565.


Naruto is walking down the street , to his apartment . from his training and sparring with Sasuke. Team 8 came to him, asking how did he know the moves that he knew, Naruto stayed mysterious. They say their good byes. The Blond got to his apartmen, he went to a place , good place. to go to speak with Kurama. Their talk of leaving the village comes as a result , for Naruto to leave.

Naruto goes to a desk untied his forehead proector , put on the desk, grab a Kunai, make a Horzintal line across the leaf symbol. put the Kunai back, and put the forehead protector back one. he goes to the door , to see Konoha for a last time, before leaving through the rooftops.